Friday, March 13, 2015


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Partial List of Turkeys Pardoned [edit]

2002: George W. Bush pardoned the first-ever female turkey in the ceremony, Katie, a 30-pound bird bred by Ron Prestage, Chairman of the National Turkey Federation, as well as alternate bird Zack. The turkeys were named after Prestage's children.[8]

2003: Bush pardoned Stars and backup Stripes[9]
2004: Bush pardoned Biscuits and backup Gravy.
2005: Bush pardoned Marshmallow and alternate bird Yam, raised in Henning, Minnesota. Beginning in 2005 pardoned birds were sent to Disneyland to live and serve as the "honorary grand marshal" of that year's thanksgiving day parade.[10]
2006: Bush pardoned Flyer and alternate bird Fryer, raised in Missouri.[11]
2007: Bush pardoned 45-pound May and backup Flower, raised in Indiana.[12]
2008: Bush pardoned 45-pound backup "vice" turkey named Pumpkin, after the number one turkey Pecan fell ill the night before the ceremony. Both turkeys were allowed to live.[13][14]
2009: Barack Obama pardoned Courage, a 45-pound turkey provided by the National Turkey Federation, and alternate bird Carolina, raised in North Carolina.[15]
2010: Obama pardoned Apple, and alternate bird Cider.[16] Both had died of natural causes by Thanksgiving 2011.[7]
2011: Obama pardoned a 45-pound turkey named Liberty and an alternate bird named Peace, both of which were raised in Willmar, Minnesota. [17] Peace survived until shortly before Thanksgiving 2012, when he was euthanized.[18] Liberty survived until being euthanized April 26, 2013 at the age of 2. [19]
2012: Obama pardoned Cobbler and Gobbler, both 40-pound turkeys from Rockingham County, Virginia.[20][21] Gobbler died suddenly in February 2013; Cobbler was euthanized on August 22 of that year.[3][19]
2013: Obama pardoned Popcorn, a 38 pounds (17 kg) turkey from Badger, Minnesota. Popcorn won an online contest over its identically sized stablemate Caramel, which was also spared.[22]

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