Friday, March 20, 2015


(This feature is part of TRUCK’s Theme Issue on the List or Catalog Poem. You can go HERE for an Index of the Participating Poets.)

A line from George W. Bush

Canoeing with a can of copper
spray paint & some fabric trim
would have been a lot easier. In-
stead we ended up traveling with

Hefner, in his private jet, staying
in opulent hotel suites, sampling
fresh takes on classic cocktails, &
all subsidized by a federal grant.

A line from John Tyler

Cocaine is one of the few
products grown. Centipedes
are fairly common. A small
fire in a Manila apartment

is apt to disregard class
distinctions. There is a
distinct spirit manifested in
the earnings of industry as

patients harvest 100 pounds
of shiitake mushrooms or
patronize the current news-
papers of the day. The list is

both distributive & associative.
Women of the household are
often also involved. These
habitations seldom contain more

than one apartment. Madeover
gowns are so  unsatisfactory,
but still more than enough
to marry off your daughter.

[First published in HOTUS POTUS by Mark Young (Meritage Press, San Francisco & St. Helena, 2015)]

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