Saturday, March 1, 2014

Truck's new drivers for March 2014

Say hello to Colin Morton and MaryLee Bragg, Truck's new drivers for March. The keys are just above the sunvisor, guy and gal.

Many thanks to John Oughton for spinning our wheels through February.


  1. With Morton and Bragg at the wheel, we're in for a great ride. The roads ahead may be bumpy, dumpy and humpy, hi-ho, hi-ho, hi-ho, and the pot-holes hellish, our drivers promise us a journey as enjoyable as a hot-dog with relish and relish! Ok, right, easy on the relish, spread on instead the Halvard (a mustard found only at the Poesy Deli Truckers Strophe-by-the-Sea). Teamsters, keep out!
    Yours, Sam Peickovifz

  2. Cool! How does this site work? Is it possible to submit poems? Or are the poets/poems chosen by invitation only? Or…? Keep up the good work! :)