Friday, March 21, 2014

Maxianne Berger

Canada: A Lyric of Titles

Maple leaf rag,
that singing you hear at the edges,
what is to come . . .

Stranger music,
reasons for winter,
for love of the wind . . .

Whatever it is plants dream,
the shadows fall behind
snow formations --

the spaces in between
spaces between the trees,
temporary shelter.

The day is a cold grey stone,
one stone
suddenly, so much:

the stream exposed with all its stones;
fish bones
treading fast rivers;

the bridge that carries the road
when earth leaps up;
coastlines of the archipelago.

Swimming among the ruins,
we are the dreamers
reading the water,

the older graces
singing the flowers open,
counting out the millennium:

One leaf shaking.
Two shores.
More than three feet of ice.


Cento key

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Maxianne Berger, poet and literary translator, is active in both the French and the English haiku and tanka communities in Montreal and beyond.  Her writing meanders between the minimalism of Japanese forms and the unpremeditated outcomes of OuLiPo-style constraints. She is among those featured in Language Matters: Interviews with 22 Quebec Poets (Carolyn Marie Souaid & Endre Farkas, eds; Signature, 2013). She has authored two poetry collections and co-edited three anthologies -- one of haiku, in English, and two of tanka, in French. She also co-edits Cirrus, an online tanka journal in French. A dual-language collection of her own tanka is forthcoming.

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