Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lakey Comess/ Trials tell stories

Small mercy and March spare us your testicles, exposed for camera.
It is too cold and we have seen it all (and better) before.

Poker faces pack up singer,
clad in black, one sporting red beret.

Child exploitation pays a pivotal role in society.
Corporal H was killed by enemy fire. Death is a matter for the inquiry,
when bullets fly. How friendly was that fire?

Explore the idea of socially responsible investments,
color your nails a brave new hue. It gets better, bills are hefty.

Cutting back on quangos is always desirable in Cloud Cuckoo land.
Great basis for an open, transparent relationship. Change is as good as a holiday,
(and you know how good holidays are.)

Thanks for your three dimensional, animated, staged event.
Trials tell stories, release passionate, sensitive information.
Good God, y'all... left me with a mouthful.

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