Thursday, February 23, 2012

JESSE GLASS/ Jeffrey Dahmer at Grand Avenue Mall, Milwaukee, 1988

I saw him passing & repassing
Among the young black men laughing

Tough in Bulls Jackets, hats
Raked at a threatening angle--the fixed look

In his eye, the prognathic jaw
& his oddly wooden movements.

I thought "how out of place," this white man
In alligator shirt new jeans almost every lunch hour

The polished floors of Grand Avenue
Food court, long blue windows: scoops

Of Lake Michigan Sky. He was treating
Them all to Kimchi Pork, Teriaki Chicken,

Mexican black beans, high-fiving,
Buying the boys beer & pizza. He'd

Bend near their testosterone sprawl, shaping
His lips as if to say, "Isn't life good,

My friends? Enjoy!" & I recall their laughter,
Their nudging each other in the ribs
An open joke

As he again heaped up their plates.

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