Thursday, February 23, 2012

DAVE ESPOSITO/ music and activism

Dave Esposito publishes music and videos under the moniker Solomons RamaDa, a name he coined for a performance Music and poetry improvisational ensemble two decades ago and which remains ongoing to this day. Never quite hip enough to be a part of any music scene that would have him as a member, Esposito pursues a corporate career while surreptitiously making music and documenting events like OCCUPY BOSTON in his adopted home. His actual music career reaches back more than two decades and he's played with bands ranging from blues to reggae to jazz to alt rock, always injecting originality into the compositions.

Here's America, which documents Occupy Boston, as well as a commentary on the general state of these Unites States:

His Your Own Mardi Gras shakes out as a powerful rant through, with and in religion:


And, live from the algae-covered murkiness of the Palais Royale, Albany, New York near twenty years ago, the ballad If It's What You Want (lyrics in this case by G. E. Schwartz):

Here's a darker version of Chicago's Poem For The People, recorded live at Joey's Basement Lounge, , Mass (2009):

And here's an interpretation of Esposito's favorite Herbie Hancock tune--Dolphin Dance, recorded IMOB studios, 2009:

And, finally, for Solomons Ramada collaborations and individual works:

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