Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jason Martin/ performance artist/ musician

Jason Martin current works re a multi-media series under the general title POWER ANIMALS. This work engages species-queer, glamorous, paganistic animism. With it, he explores power structures, species and gender hybridity, witchcraft, military conflict, rock music, pre-history, and analog electronics. This is not about art. It's more about seance, particularly in the interaction with "audiences" and "collaborators" (often one in the same). Channeling mysterious yet identifiable energies in a given space or situation, taking anthropomorphism out of its comfy, harmless, cartoon status and connecting it to less safe, personalized mythical archetypes with Jungian undertones and erotic juxtapositions. Dreams from long ago are revealed, as POWER ANIMALS, and the codified information within them, are reflections of real forces and dynamics in our world, one in constant evolution.

Martin recently told the New York Times in relation to a video installation for the Microscope Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, "I don't mean for my art to be outsider, but it seems to land outside current trends."

Some videos of POWER ANIMALS:

Additional POWER ANIMAL performance footage:

Some songs:

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