Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DC Poets: Larry Moffi

Rooting for the Underdog at the Orphanage Poetry Slam

Better to drum for the moon by day
Than curse the home you can never have.

There is no wisdom without a child in the house,
The angry poet long dead wrote.

Who shall tire of the moon ever
Refined by daylight’s odd and broken song?

I love this young woman’s reach and welcome
Pulse, the very “come-hither” of a hat-check girl.

There is no single elegance like her’s, no holy
Chant, no rhyme, no slam, no home away from home.

By God, I am no Dad, but how I cheer her
On and steal this lonely part of her that sings.

Larry Moffi is the author of three collections of poems and three non-fiction books on baseball. He is co-founder and publisher of Settlement House Books.
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