Sunday, June 19, 2016

DC Poets: Elisavietta Ritchie


Needs no spelling out. Ditch
visible beyond a wall of rocks,
no gap to angle through.

Abandon pickup? Hike?
How to cross so deep a ditch?
Vultures surround.

Far maple sapling looks strong.
Fall onto mud—

Beneath azaleas: six smashed
blue eggshells…Did I—
Yet enough starlings survive. I?

Writer/poet/translator/editor/photojournalist/teacher Elisavietta Ritchie is past president of Washington Writers' Publishing House. Some of her books include the recent BABUSHKA'S BEADS: A GEOGRAPHY OF GENES; Guy Wires; Tiger Upstairs on Connecticut Avenue; Feathers Or Love on the Wing; Cormorant Beyond the Compost, Arc of the Storm, Elegy for the Other Woman and Flying Time: Stories & Half-Stories. An updated e-book version of In Haste I Write You This Note: Stories & Half-Stories (print, 2000) a winner of the Writers' Publishing House Premiere Fiction prize, is now available.

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