Monday, June 6, 2016

DC Poets: Hiram Larew


How for this rising world
How from this life of lift
How far the dot above it all -

And why might froth
Why might clouds
Why might whatever simply must?

(Yes, yeast is more
Yeast is perfect
Yeast is sacred.)

You should hold what’s rounded
Hold what’s top
Hold such tickets.

But then hardly hold at all
Hardly know at all
Barely say for certain.

Rather ever look
Arrow look
Next and overlook instead.

And behind such puffs
Beyond this world of rise
And simply for because

Become some trying at
And wishing up -
Become more also only.

Hiram Larew recently retired from the federal government where he guided food security programs.  His poems have appeared in several journals and books.  His third collection, Utmost, was recently published by I. Giraffe Press.

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