Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mike Montreuil: Four Haibun


We’re growing old, you and I. Friend. Lover. The years have passed without our noticing. Except, our once young bodies have disappeared. The times we shared are memories we are grateful for. We’re growing old, you and I. . .

            morning news
            my favourite actress
            gone too early



In my dream, I quietly fell while riding the currents of the North wind. I saw those around me laughing at the way I became a leaf, changing colours, from red to brown, falling and becoming one with the damp ground.

            early morning
            a layer of snow
            covers our sins



Is it the weekend yet?

            from speakers
            in the coffee shop
            Bob Marley sings
            “Get up! Stand up
            for your rights”

I thought not. . .



We both notice the emergency lights up ahead. Police cruisers, ambulances and a fire truck reveal the accident site. Flares illuminate the gravel strewn pavement and a rough double wheel path towards dense underbrush and the darkness of the forest. In our minds, we come up with multiple scenarios. Yet our eyes return to the forest.

            your kiss
            brings me to life


Mike Montreuil lives in the coldest capital city in the world, Ottawa, Canada. His English and French haiku, tanka, and haibun have been published online or in print. You may find him observing the wildlife in one of Ottawa’s many coffee shops.

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