Thursday, October 8, 2015

Anne Cimon: 2 poems


Heaven is a big mall
where everything is free
and priceless
clerks are angels
who help to choose
the most beautiful gift,
lipsticks are flecked with
gold and silver
and don’t rub off
with a kiss.

Chandeliers hang in heaven
Women go to spas
And are beauties without makeup
Men shop for garden tools
And don’t stare at overflow bras.
Only the flow of love
Washes through the heavenly mall.

Chandeliers hang in heaven
everyone meets at the Agape café
where the owner Emily
serves her liquor never brewed
with cucumber sandwiches.

No one is exhausted

when they fly home,

no bag is too heavy

nothing breaks

especially hearts.



In my neighborhood park
I find your flowers, the iris
and the sunflower.

This park is an afterthought
at the edge
of a kids’ playground
and a football field,
a park that is unkempt

but there your flowers grow.

They remind me
of you who suffered
from neglect
yet you worked so hard
until you felt
there was no option

but that
wide night sky.

Beyond the stars,
a glorious shade of yellow
you never saw before.

From the chapbook Van Gogh Park: Poems, 2011. 

Anne Cimon is a Montreal freelance journalist and poet. She has published four books of poetry including the bilingual edition An Angel around the Corner/ Un ange autour du coin (Borealis Press).

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