Saturday, May 16, 2015

Truck May 2015: Three Poems by Stephanie Galloway


On days like this we drip out of every window still
Looking for a way out of the boxes we live in

We did not begin from a place that had walls

Open ended

Open started
No clothing lines upon our frames

It is all fluid
Even the cement

That holds us in place

In a solid state

Of wonder


Up sea daisies
Dipped feet
And mermaid tails
Give us something to hold on to
While we are drowning


I picked the floor off my chin
And continued to be in a state of uttered belief
There are days where I feel I have lost moments
But then they come back to me
And put leeches on my sadness
Where it meets with the ground
Once more
Restarting a space
I can explore
With my toes
To the air

Stephanie Galloway is an artist that likes to make art through experimentation. The power of her life experiences has a large influence on her art and love for art. She has a passion for painting and making music; for her, one of the biggest highlights of the creative process is sharing her creations with others. She has been writing poetry since she was a child and still loves to explore the magic in words and their power to touch others deeply. She runs the Free Art Friday project in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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