Friday, May 15, 2015

Truck May 2015: Text by Rudolfo Carrillo

Year Fifteen of the Permanent Emergency Condition

Sky, broken clouds. Visibility, ten.
A building gently processed with moonlight.
The registry of noise and forgetful silence.
Until your hand is crushed in the mechanism.

A joyful holiday occasion,
he wore his best cuff links and Chinese socks.
Everyone was asleep by midnight.
There were plates of meat everywhere.

An interesting phenomena can be repeated
by withdrawing examples of divinity from
the orifices produced through long-term
geologic processes. Holy word, earth.

Events whose sonic representation in the space-time continuum can be further symbolized as waveforms are constantly crossing my perceptual boundaries. The phone rang once. A dog drank deeply from its stationary water container and my wife asked me to pour her another cup of coffee. Based on previous experience, I expect birds to begin chirping in approximately six point five hours.

Beholden to the rain in a fashion
reminiscent of iron's rusty affiliation,
a group of writers whose base of operations
is located near a sodden pile of newspapers

left for pigeons and the severely homeless
near the Ealing Underground Station
are really just a murder of crows waiting
for flight instructions and cigarettes.

After the crowd launched a number of paper balloons, which I must say were marvelous to watch as they floated past the cathedral and toward the volcano where they would later become a sort of rubbish that might well be a threat to local wildlife, we wandered back to our hotel room where a man with a gun jumped from out the closet and bade us to come with him, as our very lives were in the balance.


Produced by Rudolfo Carrillo, using an Apple Mac G4 computer with a Motorola processor. Various organic structures associated with the human body as well as non-quantifiable but possibly mystic mental processes were also used in the production of this unit of text and accompanying image.

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