Thursday, March 1, 2012

Peter Ganick / from 'webern songs informed'

as music is heeded an avantness **

pieces from itself befriend

earphones’ duet with spoken

arrangements thought* *truisms—

vacant from a startled impression

common tolerance one to evidence once—

a boat mid-range to pluck on shelf selfless

anonymity breathes your name—

maiden voyages delay overhaul—

ask the pinecones where suppressed

another-ing placates intentions

made or got by happiness—

once though not complicit

with etched familiarities—

epochal nourishment—

clannish & middling strophes

delay a status improbable

though itself—this than that—

incurs selflessness—

somewhere itself—

a nighttime evidence proclivity

for transit so a recurrence plotted

deployment to issues of surpluses—

the entire light-sound iffy

whose sixpence relays jet-ski themes

somewhere viewpoint-ing deliberate sadness

stepping where close fundamentals

inquire no longer

we contact surveillance

noteworthy through signals

enabling remission of cash invasion—

returnable intersection—

wiles of dramatic sleuth—

ions of demand seek what overturns—

a delay of front-to-back rhetoric

unrolling anarchy harmonized

within waitings from each—

there—signed to mittens

either assurances deploy

mottoes each is naturally conscious

of public remoteness—

one step before regulations start—

a dream follows another dream of

soprano lightness—

bass curvature—

natural altimeters & cinemas

energize tassels—

deterrents wait somewhere sleuthing

an advantage for major-minor facsimiles—

acausal somehow where we camp

dotted & egoic modulations—

some sunshine every sleeper is convinced of

essences a malleability—

call it ductile—

seeking neutrality one step from togetherness—

aware & watching evaluations—

present contrasts feint poseurs in their

mirage—balancing acts integrate mottos

unrolling addendas that surface

outer signatures watch so iterations—

where calls intersect

forcing a waiver

materially grit—

whose muscle ingratiates emptiness—

a vivace thoroughly surmounted—


attentions are elsewhere climb

a settler’s mood—

elasticity wanes not


either persistence deluges repartee

inertia clusters where signatures—

elemental assertions evacuating watersheds—the

finesse of somewhere—inculcation evinces deliberation some whatever—

agreement is formatted as evasion

replacement vanishes—literal

comprehension attenuates veneer

also calls frames to such grand spaces—

mannerisms whether or not

evacuated contemplate infinities—

lithe where absolute—degreed

while thickness elicit reflection

sought by the budding public sees

hollow boutiques—

numerous later tented with

wiles of stellar vin number

jettisoned where hastening

roughened tureens & implode on contact—

ingestion of doubts is certain contradiction—

a grammatical surprise invents felicitous




what have you—

inserted as vitrines of long-time

premises are egalitarian from accent—

neither evasion nor confrontation

allows or disputes opacities emaciating—


appearing as sunshine-dusted rooms—

ethereal sleuth invokes itself

elaborate cell-wise mouthpieces

denigrating wooly garage-bandages—

leaves on cutlery balance through

intentional corrections mentioned

aside valences spirals nothingness


which scarified patience waits for

introduction to evidence?

when heresy becomes hearsay-in-reverse

amulets & innersprings overhaul anonymity.


  1. Hi Jukka--May I send some poems your way for Truck? I have quite a few on the cutting edge. Jesse ahadada[at]

  2. Hi Jesse, please send, that would be great :) !
    (jkervinen (at) null (dot) net)