Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jim Leftwich / not that

not that

plagiarism cloud withheld necessary the.

hovering as volumes emulate invention.

linguistic because this your this.

implies semi-conscious all solely.

NEOISTS use the six forms of disgorgementation
to organize their revolutionary ideology:
plaguegerism [sick], multiplutraction,
immorltalismint, serpravity, love-machine/sex/
racket-ball and surrationality. In the current
world situationismist, we are confronted by an
infirmary of paradoxes. The Neoists realize that
these paradoxes at hat are the result of the
definity of false

their confusion around rationality
oppositions Neoists unite againsst
this into a reactionary force aare
considered the by capitalism and o
f truth. Our rejction of irrationa
lity has been for the Neoists them
selves. truth, beauuty and perhaps
infinity becomes our propaganda me
rely a step towards even the inter
nalization of confusion inherentnn

viable those because beyond state of attractive,

quickly darkness and meaning. the.

you cannot
between the which
less of the most.

it has been a construction wound-memory
of tactile referential

/world. the. in the first place. strik
ifs absurd. I dottt write autob. galle
iography, but I know that peopll subst
will read my books as autobiogra reale
phy. is the author of defiant prose, n
no pith, and stockhausen prize with ah

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ed to your lucky visit a page a day to e
xplore what currently does not exist. jo
in us.

we realize through contemplation that th
e existence med to be osition, that is t
o say, opposition to what is assu ment w
e define ourselves as the pinacle of thi
s opp iation, through opposition and fri
ction, for the mo is a particular instan
ce of the universal different as a resul
t of the transformation of the human con

survival to authors, but

point. and embrace ,m but rather
developing, the limit
our fear is not this sentence.


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