Friday, March 16, 2012

Adam Fieled / Conceptions #5

Samantha Sand was someone who took
her sister seriously. Not everyone did.
But she’d been acting strange for a few
months, and Sammy couldn’t understand
what the problem was. The key issue was
always the same— money. Sammy was
rolling in it, and Steph needed it. All
Sammy did was write a script for a TV
pilot and the whole thing just scored;
but her life was more intensely painful
for her now then it had been before.
Her parents and her sister were still
poor. Steph she could manage; but her
parents were an embarrassment to her.
They’d contrive to dump on her, even
if she fed them money. Sammy knew
by gut instinct that something about
her sister had changed; finally, she
guessed the change. Steph was pregnant.
Steph could be impulsive and it was
probably some rock guy who did it.
But the situation was still tense enough
that in their daily phone conversation
Sammy couldn’t bring it up. They were
connected enough physically that Sammy
started to get horny herself. She was backed
up with money, too. Just for a lark, she
asked one of her guy friends to get her
pregnant. They laughed about it, but she
was serious. They decided to set an
“Insemination Night” and stick to it
(this guy, y’know, was Mr. Nouveau
Rich or Beau Monde). When the night
came, Sammy was pretty direct and not
particularly romantic—  no tricks, no
impulsive moves, standard foreplay. He
offered to put on a condom at the last
minute, but she nixed it. After a few
minutes of normal fucking, he said,
“This is it, Sam. I’m about to come
here. Do you still want me to go ahead?”
She said, “Of course, and keep it in me
the whole time, buster.” She felt the
familiar interior splatter (bemused that
for her sis it was probably the first time),
and thought how funny it was that her
and Steph would have their kids a few
months apart. When he was finished,
he crept up and went to the bathroom.
She picked up the clicker and turned on
the TV. She laughed— one of the movie
stations was playing “Three Men and a Baby.”
Two girls would be even better.

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