Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Patrick McManus, Poet Laureate of Raynes Park


his poem
came to him
in a dream
via a sweet
lovely topless
garlanded muse
in Grecian robes
and inscribed on
an amphora
he gratefully
memorised it
and hastily
upon waking
still entranced
put it to paper
but later sadly
they told him
that it was written
in Linear A Minoan
undeciphered Eteocretan
which no one
has been able
to read for three
thousand years
but to wait
they were
working on it



he loved
her north
her south
her east
her west
her latitudes
her longitudes
but most of all
her loved her
rampant hot moist
fecund tropical 
equatorial zones



at his local
poetry group
open crit session
he was minded
of his old
school playground
the bullies in action
putting the boot in
or perhaps of
the TV
nature program
about hyenas
tearing apart
their prey
some fighting
for the liver
others for the
juicy heart
leaving only
gnawed bones
and a lot
of blood


Patrick McManus: His biography seems to have been turned over in the allotment. If I dig it up, I'll post it. Otherwise be assured Patrick is a prolific poet, a legend in Raynes Park for his lively readings, a kind grandfather who only occasionally tortures the grandkids with his verse, and a very active contributor to poetryetc, an eccentric poetry site online.