Saturday, November 19, 2011


We must render them such
Must not dent the fender when we leave
Must wear our best turquoise dress
Must paint our beauty with great cause
Must pause at the landing
Drape the fabric of the skirt around the sleeve
Must have the door opened as we enter
Must leave an impression
Must not promise anything
Must keep our hands to ourselves
Must make our possessions possess us
Must salt our tears to gain attention
Must feign heroism
Must seek redemption from an audience
Must relieve ourselves in easy chairs
Must hide our spears unless pushed to the edge
Must find a hedge to stand against
Must erase ourselves with prayers of consolation
Must blame our mistakes on bad influences
Must sigh openly
Must take each tragedy in hand
Must squeeze it tight
Must seek consolation
Must drag it out of them


Bobbi Lurie's "23rd Psaltery" was in the October edition of "Truck"~ she has also had work in Hamilton Stone Review. She is the author of three poetry collections: Letter from the Lawn, The Book I Never Read, and Grief Suite, all published by CW Books. 

Bobbi lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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