Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Introducing a young poet from Macau

to the Guia Light

she followed the light

into the eyes of the forest
after her coat was stained
with the indigo mist
she felt secure
under those staring
amber eyes

the door said
close your eyes, give me your hand
then she touched
vines on the wall
flowers blossomed
cherries fell
where her fingers landed
after that a clutch of cloud

a headless bird
flew out
gliding in the flooded tunnel
a ball of light struck her
from underwater

lights out
she found herself leaning back
on a wooden chair in the little pub
her friends light up their last cigarettes
mentioning the distant afternoon of ice discovered

smoke and words
swirling tangling above
weaving cumulonimbus
pouring down some colourful characters

mossing the floor
a squirrel slips and falls
leaves a hazelnut
ten seconds after, pop
shell cracked
an ocean spreading out


Iris, Fan Xing was born in Xi’an in 1985 and moved to Guangzhou with her parents when she was in primary school. She holds a Master's degree in English Studies from the University of Macau. Her bilingual (Chinese-English) book of poems Lost in the Afternoon was published in Macao in 2009. She was awarded first prize in poetry category of Hong Kong City Literary Awards 2011. She has worked on many classical and contemporary poetry translation projects. In July 2010, she worked as a translator in residence at Bundanon Artist Centre in Australia for the translation project of contemporary Australian poetry.

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