Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Autumn On the San Marcos River" by Oscar Houck

Autumn On the San Marcos River

To live this close to
the consolation of moving water is
to be given the keys to a cathedral where
the day’s last light drifts down through the branches of bare trees
like mist, to the mirror of the surface
in silver and cerulean blue ripples reflected as if
stained glass windows made of clouds and sky
had fallen, softly shattered, from above. The air today
is fine, cool and crisp and dry, the smoky scent
of fallen leaves, the past, the hint of winter to come.
Yellow gold, the color of Van Gogh’s wheat fields
flashes like lightning beneath the surface
over limestone, sand and shadows.
There is no greater beauty than what’s clear and cold.


  1. Impressive and sensual. Also the.consolation if water is a marvellous phrase

  2. Thank you Olivia. If only you were a publisher, in addition to being one of my kindest readers.