Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Aubade – The Light of What We All Are" by Oscar Houck

Aubade – The Light of What We All Are
                for the community of Wimberley,Texas
Months after the flood, dead, leafless trees
still strewn along the banks like
matchsticks from God’s careless hand.
Two children gone, disappeared.

An overturned picnic table,
a dirty pink sweater,
a mud-filled pie tin,
someone’s journal of all things,
its ghostly ink, faded black to purple, then lavender, then sky blue,
this morning’s pale blue.
Set the pages on fire and watch their
secrets rise on the smoke, which
the wind blows into thin air, into nothing.

What is it that endures?
The bright crimson flame of a cardinal
calls out right here, right here, as if to mark the spot.
And my soul can’t help but sing back softly
to the gift of the river’s rising light,
the light of what we all are.


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