Monday, May 2, 2016

Ruth Lepson

waking how

do you feel

you go down

stairs make the

coffee after

cleaning the coffee pot

then what

you burn with an inkling of

what the day might mean

it has a sheen that is


love is

open to you can you


press it can you

say I love you to


are you

held in by some

fear you recognize

all your life

are you

of course you

are that's nothing new

and it's complicated

damn it to hell

RL is poet-in-residence at the New England Conservatory. her new book, ask anyone, is available from Pressed Wafer, and some of the poems have been set to music, which you can hear at Her other books are I Went Looking for You, Dreaming in Color, and Morphology, and she edited Poetry from Sojourner: A Feminist Anthology. She just had a gig in Portland, ME with composer/pianist Frank Carlberg & vocalist Priya Carlberg.

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