Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Donna Kuhn

my feet on the teeth truck
grieving freeway
you’re the tree
i’m in
he’s twisting so fine
leave blue to hard
solitude bones
give out your parts
i’m u, i’m sheltered
i’m fine
i’m weak, it’s willow time
i don’t go to u
my vitamins
my helpless face
exquisite taste
the damaged
i’m too quiet so i bow hard
i don’t, so scoop the barking
i have u
my spine is pink
body heart barking
teeth truck archery
the doctors were
all young
lion sounds
weeping seaweed
nobody keeps a cradle
hurt roots
bow hard, i don’t
heart barking teeth
my spine is cradle hurt roots
dreams i’m too willow time
i don’t go
i’m fine i’m weak bones
give out your parts
i’m u

your quotes shave and they spoke to me
the answer is very simple, he’s in diapers
i am serious about u, madame noir
7 things a man does if he’s really
serious about u
so act like it’s a parade
why beautiful women have trouble
you’ve got to let me go
the wet laundry was being nice enough
men can’t just be friends
she says you’re so good looking u must be logical
call her gigi, she was shiny new, tell me how flattered
she was in philosophy class

my transcript sweats a lot
don’t imagine u can change a man
she needs to fold clothes
female men talk to women, all women
i just want to put u in the dryer
don’t get sentimental, call me
oh, this is gigi
you can’t change
put a stick in it
mayday? absolutely
baby, i’m gonna treat u to best lyrics
i think the games u play are so manly
so, why don’t u leave me alone, you’re smart
i had a woman, just a woman
she could not really be mean
she will be in the parade, not me, lol
when u and i were more attractive
the woman is more likely to do laundry
and a nazi? truth folds the clothes
so put it in a song
a transcript of a
a simple yes or no response
smile in your science archive and plan a provocation
also, take folk music, call the president blocked
here berlin is actually a u.s. photo dog
now hold her big favor, irish someone happy
here a berlin sprint duel, a g&j maurice human
u.s. against the world
decades against words enough
continue to question more seriously
e-mail this photo and go posing as
schily eye
radical islamic tuesday never fighting dog
intervention teams, tuesday conference
with invited rays
army as fast fun saying one bank
ever wondered secretary breakthrough
refugees of unemployed jorg mood
holocaust memorial on roland wishes
an elder is someone happy, the razor
needed nato
surrealist macedonia continues the litter
new film be half of dog teams, hospital
u.s. style let it be normally unpleasant
economic hussain and now for bunuel
consistently in their last

dolls i dream u vacuum cupcakes of love
in a just woman's script-o-rama
your winter blazer armed with a pink slab
of baby where your smirk is just a woman
we chatter in our monkey's cat cloud
a cervix sanctuary, u see their cupcakes
dream of a party
a big hair dream chewed america
time is not in my brow, a dance party
a fingernail
u are their cupcakes that dream of a winter blazer
where u feel he's always better when armed
#5 arab league armed member
armed where u still dream i am
a cupcake
love in the cloud, your cardboard pipe
the floor at night correctly, u dream of
chewed america
some girl dreams of cardboard dolls
i dream of bears, we are pink slabs
and u are dead
your monster barnyard, we live in my
octopus painting and a square just sang
of a red gecko in your monkey's cat cloud
i need apples in their sugar teeth
u are chatter

donna kuhn is an author, poet, dance, visual and video/sound artist who has been widely published and exhibited internationally. she maintains a blog at

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