Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rocky Jones

In This Circle

I shall draw a great circle to summon you. 
Within the circle, I shall place
•  a lock of hair from the legendary Shirley Temple
•  a tiger's claw
             given to me by an antique dealer
                         so it's okay because
                                     I mean
                                                  antiques are old,
                                                  and this one,
                                                   given, not sold,
                                                  so, I'm not supporting
                                                  a new tiger-claw market,
•  and a counterfeit
garment thread
said to have been worn by
Sir Isaac Newton
but totally not —

Within this circle, I shall affix a speaker
and a music player
and let into this sacred space
a carefully-selected group of songs
by the Partridge Family —

And, I haven't really worked this out yet, but,
I'll set up some sort of way to diffuse the scent
of Boston Baked Beans candy.

If my magic circle
does not bring you to me,
I shall beseech
and rich people,
and the Ascended Christ,
that they might team up
either speak on my behalf,
or find some other way
to salve


                                              * * *
Rocky Jones is a musician and multimedia poet. He has performed at Hard Bargain Farm and Hateful Acres and has accompanied his poetry with such instruments as the Chicco Orchestral Xylophone Piano and the cardboard box. His work has appeared in Poets' Ink, Gargoyle Magazine, and MiPOesias.

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