Tuesday, February 23, 2016

David Taylor Nielsen

5 Blackjack Poems*

You just wouldn't understand
Unless you jumped in the air
With your briefs outside your pants.

* * *

Insects have the right idea:
Adolescence is best spent
Isolated in cocoons.

* * *

ADHD poetry:
I would explain it to you,
But I've moved on already.

* * *

I donated a kidney.
It was the only way that
You would let me inside you.

* * *

She wants more than he can give:
Butterflies, rainbows, puppies,
Occasional orgasms.

* * *

*Blackjack poetry is a form that was invented by Maritza Rivera in 1999. It consists of 3 lines of seven syllables each or, less commonly 7 lines of three syllables. There are no thematic or stylistic restrictions or norms to this form.

David Taylor Nielsen is currently the host of Poetry Night Open Mic in Greenbelt, MD. He can also be found haunting other open mic poetry readings in the DC Metro Region. He has been published in Gargoyle Magazine, and Three Line Poetry.

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