Monday, February 3, 2014

Sheila Stewart!

Her Element

Angelfish or angel
twelve baskets-full

Just for me
not the rest of the crowd
my story cradled in the palm of your hand

Time between

and visitation

The Fish 

flips off the offering
plate. You 

are not offering me up,
sticking my image
on the back of your pick-up.

Your tongue down my throat.

Two Fish 

He went forth, saw a great multitude,
White man, baby blue eyes, turquoise robes
Healed their sick.

His disciples said, Send the multitude away
That they may go into the villages, and buy
Themselves victuals. 

      She smells like fish, rotten teeth, hagfish, mouth open
      Dead grouper, monkfish, carp: whiskers, scales.
      Swims fish, sleek-water-wise, in her element.

Five small barley loaves
Two fish. Bring them hither to me.
Sit down on the grass. He blessed and broke.

They did all eat and were filled. 
Gathered the fragments.
Twelve baskets full.

       Others did not dare show their faces
       Before the Lord.

       She knew what to do with the twelve baskets.

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