Thursday, February 13, 2014

Merle Nudelman

Trucking at the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction                    

Even in tinted glasses you squint.
Desert light shimmers the beckoning
saguaro arms, clusters of palo verde trees
beside the long, white tents, barrel-chested

exhibition hall boasting Barrett-Jackson signs.
Inside, heaven on wheels with chrome.
Rows of glossy, muscled machines stand
rare and proud as kings –

            Jaguar, Mustang, Thunderbird,
            Karmann Ghia,
            Austin-Healey Sprite.
            Corvette legions.

Hefty trucks shoulder into the pack –
            Ford Ranchero, Bronco,
            custom models too.
            A bevy of Chevies, Dodges. 
            And there, in pinup lipstick-red,
            a glossy '46 Studebaker pickup:
            snout like a perky beagle,
            big-eyed headlights.

            Curved as autumn apples
            around the sturdy wheels,
            she's a calendar princess
            road-perfect for her auction prince.

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