Friday, February 1, 2013

Rochelle Owens


                                               for Margaret Harrington

The image of a child
taken by a master photographer
a little girl in harem pants then
a boy in a leather skirt
fickle she saunters by a boy warrior
with bright red lips

A jingling sound
a charm bracelet made in China
dangling an acrobat a whirling dervish
a swimmer a drummer girl
meek sweetness the face the face
of the hermaphrodite the skin
berries and apricots the lips
the tongue tasting smelling
the earlobes earlobes jingling
little bells a clinking sound
a charm bracelet made in China
a dancer a baker kneading dough
a beauty queen wearing a thong
gong gong gong
L’École Hermaphropoetics
of brick and concrete a plug and socket
a nozzle of a hose vigilant
the gardener spraying vigilant
the baker kneading

Wedding bells wedding cake
serene the boy in a bridal gown
joyful the groom lifting the veil
a long curved
fingernail circles
the cleft
berries and apricots
under the veil
See the photos of a master
a master photographer altering
perception ethereal the child emerging
from the mists the mists of Delphi
the physical poetic heat turning
sand into glass word
into bread bread into word
vigilant the baker kneading the dough
silence of the yeast

The hermaphrodite
anchoring desire her skeletal structure
a fusion of human and fish
iridescent his pelvis inside a dark
purple fruit the core divided

A jingling sound
a charm bracelet made in China
dangling an acrobat a baker a hyena
a beauty queen wearing a thong
playful the hyena a fringe
of blood drool and excrement
circles the snout
a jingling sound a charm bracelet
made in China dangling a boy soldier
a panda bear a wedding bell a rifle
dangling a nozzle of a hose a skull
an automobile a monk
dangling a house a dog a tree
a bird a light bulb

© George Economou

Rochelle Owens' many books include New and Selected Poems, 1961-1996, Luca: Discourse on Life and Death, and Solitary Workwoman (all from Junction Press), Plays by Rochelle Owens (Broadway Play Publishing, 2000), and the novel Journey to Purity (Texture Press, 2009). Out of Ur: New and Selected Poems, 1961-2012, is forthcoming from Shearsman Books.

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