Monday, June 4, 2012

Sheila Murphy & Douglas Barbour

Continuations LXII:

ark of dark
    nested beliefs found
         erred ground upon
stones pebbles     those broken
    shells those seas of
         round the radiant orb descry

one in tonation lightly
          resembles / reassembles
orbital           pace upon
             the errant ebb
                    relief occurs in
         rounds            (all locus fraught)

(caught    up on at
    tension of gravity pull
          ing a way warded
             off center / sent
         err and wander in
    darkness  where glitters tiny (farre off

well enough    or not   alone (one's left
          and center          non
aligned            to way whole
         w and e ring
                  ebbing            toward
        gravity       pre-flight

countdown    to liftoff  and down
    (a round)    in winds winding through
           and all ways falling   caught
           up in and under gyre
    fire / how at the center burning
stalag might    ice thrust   into dark

          ailing opinion gyrates
and the ire     low to the g
            round / found entry
     rusts in the park         off
                      indigo and fought
         thrice tingling counted out

floored   flat footed and purpled
    bruise bent or benched
         as penalty served un
        (t)ruly      ruled out of
   bo(u)nds  /   ring of
fired fated fa(c)iled founderings

enlistment may rule
out               bon mot
  with ire            now null and
           url-ed     (once
furled      the en  quite
          large-ish       round

                    roll on yon
mighty reaver   rift (or lift
     ed a cross /check to
            file under over
purpose lost to un
    entitle meant to service

vices charm       heck
           of a posse    gathers
    as if to further
            glassy looking titling
     the sift
          a miss      ion

impact well below ground
     leaping together off that cliff
           eyes closed / you cant swim
swift boat cant again st reamed
     out honest broke(r) back
            ing always away from

the river liffy plods through
           land that is not warm
    always the whimsy quoted
                       live enchantment’s
      honest as the sea              though
           low upon the swiftness canting

and counting croup / cropped
    words or pages of testy
           moneyed arra(i)gements
           forsworn  /   force worn
   warned off too oft    then
swamped  deltaed    dirty water

landed gents trade ore
           for (e) s worn staff
scatter dirt        from holes
crops hurt en masse
                        spun syllables in ruins
     seem runes cast

                                  off / tone deaf
           eat ed   it tore     eye al
                       tiered altering all
architextural structures less leased
than loosed upon a gone
(carved) wor(l)d

all text meets stress     (yes)
           the painting’s tincture rots into
    tiered fate           overt as charity
           but not that    loose walk to
                       ward         torrents
     of need claimed about      the one

voice    lingo levered up to
    all the gods    seats in the blues
           empyrean colors collared there
wait   meant to say imperium     im
    ploded  plotted    a circle game
           of song lines let down

plots of earth      form lairs
          of the geometry, lineation
     read blue         encapsulates
                     imperiously gathered
shreds drift             sans choice
           unhanding      lever from leaves

                     left behind or
          raised up   torqued to
    sun   /  take a photo sin
thesis undone in meta
stasis   morphed mend
     a city burning on a hill

illness may not be
          contrived exactly
                     yet the spots seen
   in a photo
          graphic memory undo
unto some prior selves      this city

unto wards   lost lim(b) o it’s
    beyond them burning
          woods    and wouldn’ts
          cut down    all air
              opening abyss is
    mouthing nothing trickling down

wishing one could honor those
           in position versus those
willing to serve              cut down
          cut down and more of them
                     made invisible      only
     those of us with memories hold alive

a living tradition  /   traduced by
    lack of traction   at a distance
           pull pushes service out
sidewinder sideswipe   poison
    in the first sip     slip
          sliding a new /  way down

action-packed figurines        one places
at a distance from which each can still be loved
as in slipshod neighborliness          /
long time       in coming            given lip and such
owned living           verses
sipped as from     cupped hands

holding out   (forth   / fresh
     water in a desert s(h)unned
          and sundered  /  walls neighbor
                     hooded   /  hoicked  hounded
to deadlines   breadlines     the food
           fast failing under falling stone

under the desert is more quiet
           just that failing to repel
                      would-be in   habit    ants
    mood with spare light      walls off
            form from content(ment)
  ailing thus      holds       freshness apart

         a certain partied down and fit to
     beaten   bruised flesh ant
ticipated   /  soldiers of fort
     unevolved    involved
desert ed   it burn  it wait
           the flesh  overrun

demand or voltage serves
            the urn walled off by
                       attributes brim with flashbacks
           to parterre       that if existent
                 would be pure and plain              across
                                  to form      some guest place

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