Monday, June 18, 2012

Pansy Maurer-Alvarez


Heads flung back, their voices float
looking back on it, I’m lying
that I should see      (what bird/tree?)
much less something you sounded
urgent barely above a whisper, so I cast you
faintly seen from afar into doubt, you became
open space that lovely view shimmering across

Its only a leap
horseman in a sunbeam
but it feels so true, I’m charmed and wavy
associated with emerald, sapphires, fire
and opals like an agitated lover, an outsider
taut and incandescent, sucking words out of speeches

There’s confusion in the sequence of events
in this part of the country
it slips (or does it swell?) slippery in a swell swoon
having it done for you is not to you, unclaimed      home bound
An embrace has stunned me, rehearsal laughter
rooms in the infinitive, where the plot is poured on

I become rough and take on polyps – a poetic line
tomorrow and finally    we
I walked into the red room in a frenzy
your confessions, too, were weary and lapsed
hitting the floor hard
otherwise this stone       this curved breast
or paintbrush or strand of hair
descends layers of mating calls, the sutures aching
A word like chaperone stripped bare      extends
an intimate droplet
lusterless and amiss, the beauty of it


In a strange sounding language I measured
heroism smudged with hypochondria
as you sensed your opportunity making its way
through my lunar cycle       I want to meet you!
Oh, “I want to meet you” is merely a piece of sexual pleasure

Beguiling paramours alight and slip       neck & head, wrists & throat
impede an angular collapse in heaps      Oh bracing heart!
An eyelash is an enchantment, an inner space
the shape of      slit      cantos       cunt      cusp      uncut jewels
the road through      wrenches free from flux
and ease, erases and shrivels
up your demeanor, your fascinating
large-format fumble

the industrial landscape of Iceland
is encrusted with full-throated flyovers, oil refineries
wedding trumpets and tiny lights that swab
a promise      what looks like a


Imperceptible and without realizing, we splayed kiss marks
on all the rooms, thus reinventing appealing spaces.

Without a backward glance, without you noticing
I turned around to admire these melodramatic noises.

What stars (unraveling)      What misgivings (feathery)
clustered in veiled circumference, this nomadic sequence!

Outskirts of a hastened ride spell a textural thicket:
shell, bone, feather, bare chest, hair pigment

flared out reflections, lizards and chalk, cranes
native of Flanders, a bellyful wielding, caught in.

Part of this is panting, tepid and predetermined
like a nasal voice or the shape of a palm of a hand

and part is clenched in accordion folds
opening over the linear lowlands of agitated sea fowl.

But what downy bracelet of crotch, pelvic burrows slide!
What meticulous soft impressions happened that night!

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