Saturday, April 30, 2011

Truck Farewell

Today’s my last day as your guest editor. Thanks to Halvard Johnson for the opportunity!

Thank you, poets who contributed, for responding graciously and with FANTASTIC work to an email that meant (among other things) that I hadn’t heard of you before. I hope you’ve gained some new readers as a result! And thanks for writing at all—I hope this will encourage you to keep doing so.

Thanks also to everyone who’s been dropping in to read and, I hope, returning. Stick around for poets with totally different plans.

I’m so glad I did this—learned a ton, became acquainted with some fine and delightful poets, read illuminating and staggering work, and got to share it with others. Thanks again to all who helped it happen.


1 comment:

  1. And many thanks to you, Kate, for a splendid month. It's been fun seeing what you've been doing. And reading all those new poems and poets.

    The month of May will bring Wendy Battin to the wheel for another month on the road.

    Stay tuned.