Thursday, October 18, 2012

touché by Dennis Cooley


she touched him some
where on the shoulder
she put him to the touch
& even though he feared
she wld think of him as an easy touch
wondered if she herself would
be a touch off might sooner
or later touch a nerve
he was touched by what she did
& said & felt even
though he had
almost lost touch with
reality his sense

                                  of touch he swore
he never touched the stuff   /never
but she had the touch all right even when she was
getting touchy he felt she cld teach him a thing
or two she had the royal touch
it was the right touch he felt he had never
felt this way before how cld he know how
she was feeling he was rather grouchy & she cld always
put her finger on it it was a touching moment

it was enuff & wld suffice
it brought a touch of blood
to his cheeks she touched him off
though once she had said
this was when first
someone had put them in touch
she would never touch him
with a ten-foot pole
close enough he had said
had he touched a sore spot

it was then he touched home
         base it has a bearing
this touches on big issues he thot
she could touch up the worst moments

talk about quality nothing but
nothing touched her for firmness
she touched hm up for a while
as a matter of fact she touched him
up for quite a bit he felt well
           touched by her some
how he felt she had a soft spot
for him she thot she could touch up his man
ners she came right out & said she up & said she felt
             he had it coming

& all the time he was thinking
she was a bit touched she was pretty
touchy & he was out
of touch with things
in way over his head

swore he never touched it
how much he would like to touch
her there it was
a touching moment

he had a touch of fever
found himself wishing
for a touch more
he liked her touch    so much    he him
            self was getting a bit
touchy especially when she applied
the finishing touches he favoured
she could see he really was touched

i guess we all were
                           a little
touched in those days
she had a touch for those things
he carried a torch for her
touch in truth he grew
attached to her
touch it was touch
& go then he was
hoping they would keep
in touch hoping no matter
what they would keep
in touch s/he would never lose
                            the touch

he was truly touched

dennis cooley grew up in Saskatchewan, studied at the University of Saskatchewan and then at the University of Rochester in New York state. His publications include Fielding, Bloody Jack, this only home, seeing red, and country music. A new title, abecedarium, is forthcoming from the University of Alberta Press.

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