Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coltrane Olé by Andrew Burke

Today I'm on housework duty.
As I run the washing-up water
I take the CD player from the study
and place it by the sink. My
favourite Coltrane session is ready,
I press 'play' and wash. Steam
rises, each bubble a rainbow dome. Olé!
I place the last cup on the rack to dry.
Off to make beds. I unplug
Coltrane, take him down the hall
to the bedroom. Plug in, play on.
Olé! I'll make these beds my way!
What now? The path? It's fresh air
for you today, my main man.. Extended
chord, all puns intended, out the window
and sit in a chair. There: play.
I sweep away night's blues. Olé!
The postman pays no-never-mind, more bills
drop into our box. Oshit! I
approach with care: first envelope
delivers a publisher's cheque. Olé!
I dance. My neighbour waves
cautiously as he drives by.

ANDREW BURKE is an Australian poet with ten collections to his credit, an e-novel on the internet, and a bunch of plays and tiny films in the early 70s. His work is said to have a 'lyric voice and a ruthless eye'. His latest collection is Undercover of Lightness: New & Selected Poems (2012, Walleah Press; Hobart), available from

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