Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Inference, betold! by Louis Cabri

Inference, betold!

You’re a Bain Capital.

The air smells so bad.

WTF? World Trade Forum. WTF?

You have got to be farting on me.

Alternative medicine does not recommend it

but, I’m (taking less) taking more abstemium.

Think through the paint.


Becunted wilderness

Back yards, and beyond

Charles Baud. never liked the band (Gowan…)

Performed conatus so well, writhing delicious

agony: ethics. Gowaaan…

Horsefed am-I-who’s

Doing knives

Mars Rover to a corner

Batteries, Slim Jims
Absently fingers into porridge bowl, holy water fingers

Notices the cat vomit keeps from spreading, surface tension

Oh, how the bind has bonded

Splendidly, they do not know.

When citizens become cons

humorous and indebted, and debt sold.

The bonds, sovereign bonds!

On zero: Ontario.

Between socks a young life folds

To meet its

Tar gate

In a tea logical state

Stock City

nice use of available body parts to pound on

Inference, betold!

Louis Cabri’s recent book is Poetryworld, available through Capilano University Editions online at He teaches at University of Windsor.

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