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A few pages from “Settlement” by Christine Stewart

A few pages from “Settlement”

Using the word ghost is good because that’s what the old people say when they talk about white people in this country: “Ghosts trying to find their clothes.”

M. Campbell, The Book of Jessica


D. Trujillo Lusk, Ogress Oblige

I lie here while
Flies assume
I’m fruit

Outside wealth
Imputes in trees
Draws over

Footage in house-swells
The rate of real estate

While in which I am smaller
But just as smug

A mid drift of sentient pretension

The riverfloor over soaks
 In shit, a scorched beauty

With few sturgeons
To swim to

We “can’t see the figures for the desecration”[1]

I only think when I am sick
River beds down a dark suit

Soil silt of soil alluvial
Rich and aluminum

Apprehension of several
Here dream-time fracks a white frame
And neighbourhood committees

But I vies diminutive and
Plies more gain for these little man-like killers.
(wot we must! pop sum)

Consummate convicts
Of no existence

Reduced to forgery
Forget awry

Froth in every silvery aside
(sobbing camouflage)

My transience gives me settlement, makes
You nomadic this logic bleats with literal addictions

Slips of best trick sets me generic against
Your specific special interest

Thus, I am biped anonymous

Wry my engorgement, oh boy
A manly potentate

As such ‘I’m here’ is heard as a discouraging lurch
Scoring a tepid trend history proves it

A whole fistful of phantoms

Terra nullius felonius 
[the abyss (mal) myths us]

Due West aces/acres
Up (en blanc) as I’m one trumped up tale

Of wilderness a just blank
Ur Plains [fur North]

Where Hot sir[2] burns up land tracks
Amputates animals with stamina

The chassis of subject here
Equals white will you
Plus phantom won’t you

Thus ghostly endeavors
 Demeanors stores [boxed]

And stories
Never you mind

Nether bents bored sack
He sings and means the production of real states


Community standards affiliate and public
Heads back up in manly panders

You may mark
The exact and stain of it

Usufruct usurped as
Out-back points up fact

Of tar sands sucking up
Ducks in present gasps of circumstance

Moreover therein sacks
My nationhood’s bid for swag

Deplorable adorable
“But consider” the redactor

Much of the hideousness I embody is properly
Private for land scales soar

Stabs of circumstantial justice
Be plied portion my land section

Here’s my money; here’s my mouth
 But “the land here hears Blackfoot and Cree”[3]

Wherein, might this English miss it, grasping circumference, misty, hamfisted?
Idyllic begetter of nominal dolt oaf

[1] D. Trujillo Lusk Ogress Oblige
[2] i.e. Frank Oliver
[3] D. Donald on the North Saskatchewan River March 13, 2012

 Christine Stewart works in experimental poetics and creative research in the English and Film Department at the University of Alberta and the Learning Centre in Boyle Community Services, downtown Edmonton, Alberta. This selection from “Settlement” is new work from the Underbridge Project. Forthcoming books: Virtualis: Topologies of the Unreal with BookThug and The Humanist with Red Nettle Press.

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