Friday, October 19, 2012

semi-s by Nicole Markotić


a pocket’s never steep enough
the line’s never pared enough

won’t they stop copping disneyglobe, not even for 15 minutes of every hour?
a tendon’s as kindhearted as a flatscreen, if your knee’s bendable

witness and pie-maker
think ancient texts, think generational trophies

clawing through the pages with beneficial wounds
because his battery broke the picnic before the lawn mower

passion fruit: 10 for $4
think that

a short survey cruises the landlines
two boy scouts never dunk enough

only a dentist might shortsheet a dentist

the water that streams
oceans that line

the juice of a wrinkled Casaba expects
exactly how many times do you repeat the punchline?

depressed birds see psychiatrists, even when this cartoon’s made in Germany
blackmail and blankets:

finger-food for the fervent
enough backtracking, let’s get backing!

which bestseller seeps through? con or pro?
usefully yours,

the foliage that exfoliates
been turning and turning, since turning away

put your hamstring where your plea-bargain is
your knuckle through the yuck-yuck intercourse

to ascend to Toronto: turn left

Nicole Markotić is a novelist and poet, whose latest book is Bent at the Spine (BookThug). She teaches Creative Writing at the University of Windsor and is currently trying to, you know, write...

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