Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Neal Retke - The Blast Accord

The Blast Accord of File O’ Pendulum., 

The Withering grasp of aunts from abroad - 

The time of cloth slowly crossing smooth bottoms, and the scape of and on Hulls 

Bringing Perch to Dinners, Putting Chairs in Dens - 

Slinging out the Wages, Sizing up the Men - 

Hep - Thu Br e Hor 

He-‘ tu Wee floor 

Bankg Bung Carp Singing Bubble, Match 

Dogfish Godzilla Head 

Springs of Fire, Wells of Ill Laments - 

Do You Know where your Father is ? Do you know what he does when he’s gone ? 

I Would like to lay down on your blanket, I’ve a load I need

to Dump.

I’ll Take you off to Vegas - We’ll drink whisky from Stumps and Chicken feathers 

will get caught between our toes. 

Dirty Dozen Roses = Half a Johnny Cash, Bozo Tears 

For the Happiest Chumps on earth….

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