Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Vincent Cellucci

infanticide sunsets

for Robert Creeley

spindle over the shoulder tossing gills
pulse to pleasure covered knees locked
gusher under sea,  father flattens family
one must be a sniper & assassinate the adult
committing infanticide in us all
don’t ask absence’s offerings    ask sandboxes
empty swing sets, slides, or the rivers full of kittens
the mirrors who’ve seen enough faces
as the seer darkness the sword stomachs
or the sea tempests sun horizons
condoms machines coffee grinders bone xrays
trunks luggage glass condensation gold thieves
nets fish: gimmie a break absence & i’ll return the century

a child raised right taking back my first stolen piece of candy

from above the andes

                             a spine          of suns    across       the seas
                                                                                       exhales absence on my arm
                                                                                       breaks cloud wakes
                                                            hiding heavens’
                                                            placidity abandoned here when
                           sun evolved
                              soot books
                                               you have machines to read                                                                 
                                                                  drones to rove                                                                     
                                                                                                          all hours
                                                                                                          their hours
                            army of earth liberated combustion       the globe smothered internal
                                       our callouses refused
                                                                       debts acquiesced
                                                                                                           this blaring silence
                           jets us      hands to dreams
                                                                      fusion pursed
                                    sun pets our hides
                                    river lassos my larynx
                                             constricts blood
                                             tugs these buoys
                      bobbing in the tide
                                                                        we must not survive


I’m the styrofoam
                          sleepyhead to seduce you
                icicle fangs
                melt for sunrise
  between thighs  slowpoke round back
  my morning attack
                          sheathes yr
                             heavenly chambers
go extravagant

                                    my sister’s
                                    a slap
                                    & the hardest kick
                                    to the balls I know
the secret of no love
judged by behavior
bye bye love
bye bye savior
                               lions kneel
                               gazelles govern
        & silent words sacrifice poems
let you down, have idiosyncrasies, dents,
                             favorite colors
                                     and foods
why not the rum cake our parents served
                    at their divorce
                           now I taste

                             tucked like words in wills         

the howling outside my door
                           does not disturb me
just as freedom makes the best slaves

Vincent Cellucci wrote An Easy Place / To Die (CityLit Press, 2011) and edited Fuck Poems an exceptional anthology (Lavender Ink, 2012). Come back river, his first chapbook, a bilingual Bengali-English translation collaboration with the poet and artist Debangana Banerjee is recently available from Finishing Line Press. _A Ship on the Line, a battleship-collaboration with poet Christopher Shipman was just released by Unlikely Books. 

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