Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jesse Glass

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—Jesse Glass—

Jesse Glass lives in Japan with his family.  He can be heard at Penn Sound and heard and read at Ubuweb, Jacket, Golden Handcuffs and other places on and off the net.  Glass is the author of the novel Black Out In My Left Eye, available from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, an excerpt from which you may read online, Lost Poet, Four Plays (BlazeVox), the play “Yin and Yang Eat At Me” from the Argonist On-Line, Selections from The Life and Death of Peter Stubbe  and The Passion of Phineas Gage & Selected Poems.  Man’s Wows, his series of erasure poems from the 1980’s, is featured in the recent collection of essays Wiederauf Gelect Zur Appropriation von Texten und Buchern in Buchern, edited by Annette Gilbert.  Man’s Wows can be read online.  He is currently at work on the complete Gaha Noas Zorge (Babes of the Abyss are Friendly), a long poem based on the Enochian Spiritual Diaries of John Dee. His literary manuscripts are archived at Special Collections, the University of Maryland, College Park .

This piece is from a recent painted book and is a copper print monotype with gouache, markers, colored chalk, and pen and ink additions.  The text is from his poem “The New Motor.”

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