Friday, July 25, 2014

Tony Brown: Exam Questions For The Next World

Exam Questions For The Next World

Section One:

Explain intersectionality
as it relates to
systemic oppression.
Include in your essay
the following terms:

blood dugout.
pitted bone.
rape shop.
sharpened stone.

Section Two:

If you are assigned
the role scapegoat,
how will you survive
your turn in the wilderness?

Show your work.

Section Three:

What five words
ought to be erased or respelled
in order to lift their magic?
Defend your choices

without attacking others.

Section Four:

Define a process
for removing
the history
in your own eye.

Secton Five:

Will there be any room for any mercy
in the next world
that has not already been shown
in the present one?


Tony Brown is from Worcester MA. A four-time Pushcart Prize nominee. He front the poetry and music group Duende Project; a chapbook "The Embers" will be published by Tired Hearts Press in the fall.

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