Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Andrew Peterson: Selections from occasional landscapes

Andrew K. Peterson:

Selections from occasional landscapes

“ 3o ”

what does the second half of life bring? More
love? More grief? More fate through liberation in insufferable
suffering and life, yes, more life. paralysis of thought
on edge  descending
wood in some Grand Canyon State. Rails, tracks, grown-in
wild flowers? Cool
courage for the swerves, great task of immunity
from system’s forbidden occurrences,
accruals  & decay


noting traveling apostrophizes
diamond glitter wedge

externalizing focus ® drawn from trauma ¬
grown in externalized object
            (Vegetation delimits speeding sign)

Kind of Blue: a rind
as in, sort of, or
                        certain type

Curious struggle: gnat against my heart-pocket ,  broken-winged terror of
never-ending world of a = unknowable alliances
Open field awareness = S P L I C E

                        projective image for the beyond
                        with happiness, in tandem:


I could be in love with a friend’s shadow walking with someone that
feels natural talking seeing shadows together on sidewalks
clean, trailing ahead –  insular
“theory comes in later   a frame”
an upside down flame

            If I don’t say
I forget what it is –

sweet, feel it’s safer –
crying outside emergency

rooms lonelier , rawer with awe

than ever before  ‘Nor direction
            O direction to go’  


together  everyone achieves  mythology
 – Ayrella, age 6

tell the wolf it’s a human universe

burning wheel one never spoke of

no renunciation
so the hungry ghost goes

"I accept my human condition" —Jorge Guillen
        vision of public gesture
                as great revealing intimacy
impossible to separate
the grammar's in the music
lights move in rhythm to the imagined
scores of forms passed over , though
in the sonic gland mind
         : a bubbled gum
                  olive branches       & heat stones

keep your memories...

a crown
feet above your


...but keep your powder dry too…

whether it pits the notion of devastation against
nation, morality without such recognition’s maybe
dangerous look to those aggressive birds,
(i.e. change in light status, mismatched address)

singing songs & making a racket

in front of their composite lord or the greedy
flies.  flood of terrestrial battle
fields. Better to weep
than not to weep    

Andrew K. Peterson is the author of two full-length poetry collections: some deer left the yard moving day and Museum of Thrown Objects (both published by BlazeVox Books). His chapbook bonjour Meriwether and the rabid maps (Fact-Simile Press, 2011) appeared in an exhibition on poets’ maps the University of Arizona’s Poetry Center. He edits summer stock, an online poetry journal, and lives in the Boston area.

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