Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dice (Nico Vassilakis)

The eternal circumstance of a shipwreck’s depth When gravity declares. Drops through filters it’s made for itself a laughing bottom.
Beyond former calculations Loosened rivets undo. Mathematical wonder, passed known cartography and modes.
Whose dread the veil of illusion rejected Struggles with phantom tucked oppression. A balance holds sway.
And cradles the virgin index Results in tempo the entire surface area undulates. Reorganization!
The rigid whiteness Miraculous and broken. The forgetting yes, the forgotten coin this.
Slim dark tallness Keen to deteriorate. Through switches that near parallelism threatens.
To bury itself in the original foam To those things we need fixed. The denominators, common and unswerving.
The memorable crisis Arrives and does so repeatedly.

first line of each stanza is Mallarmé

To fold paper enough. To make it sing at the crease.

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