Friday, August 30, 2013

Nathan Wirth

Taken 24 July 2013
Sony DSLR-A 100

Self, an infrared image, is part of my ongoing study of solitude.  Many viewers have told me that they
think the lone figures in these images are sad and lonely, but my own conception is the exact opposite. I see solitude as a time to contemplate, to intentionally choose to be away from the hubaloo of our busy world; in fact, in a world as noisy as ours, I crave silence.  Overall, in all of my work, I seek to photograph that silence. 

Nathan Wirth, a native San Franciscan, is a self-taught photographer who uses a variety of techniques -
including long exposure, infrared and intentional camera movement - to express his unending wonder of the fundamental fact of existence by attempting to focus on the silence that we can sometimes perceive in between the incessant waves of sound that often dominate our perceptions of the world. Wirth, who earned both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English Literature from San Francisco State University, brings a deep appreciation of poetry to his explorations of place (especially the sea). Wirth makes his living teaching English Composition at City College of San Francisco.

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