Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rudolfo Carrillo - Conditions Arising From the Failure of Postmodernism

This new dataset of concatenated symbols is designed to mimic the action and sonic range of the human tongue, the glorious jaw, the windy grandeur of a voice interacting with a mixture of gasses and dust flowing in complex patterns close to the surface of the earth.

His tattoo said something about Los Angeles.

The resulting construction may be experienced as a unitary object with numerous bifurcations, a shape determined by the virtual representation of a sheet of paper whose measurements are generally uniform in the United States of America but not necessarily in other English-speaking realms within the empire.

 Flowers erupt from the sea as white documents.

When presented in electronic media sources, a webpage or blog for example, the form of this art is determined by codes hidden from the casual viewer, but readily apparent to technicians, designers, and those with special binoculars capable of revealing the transit of souls, at the moment of death, into the aether surrounding curled up and hidden dimensions hypothesized by some physicists.

The night returned, but morning was imminent.

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