Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Excerpts from an Untitled and Unfinished Poem by Michael Penny


My work begins 
when the day begins
and I take a dawn breath;

things happen and pass
and twilight comes
and the day and I exhale. 


Someone has laid out the pieces--
rock, tree, air, and water--
randomly on my work table.

To the side, there’s instructions
on how to make a landscape
written in a language I do not know.  


In the quiet places
trees go about their business
under the casual supervision of birds,

and on these islands
not all surrounded by water
I find myself. 

Michael Penny’s most recent book, Particles, was shortlisted for the Stephansson Award. He divides his time between Edmonton and Bowen Island.

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  1. These pieces display such a powerful and natural confidence. Thank you!