Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"In a Jam" by Timothy Gager

The very large man
tossed his stuffed luggage
at security--
 the sealed jar of homemade
jam was in violation of
some terror ordinance
against jelly imposed now

“you could have bought it at the duty free shop,”
but, it’s still jelly…the cop said

on the same day
Henry Rollins had been interrogated
with Cat Stevens at LA International,
after Rollins ranted
on stage that Bush was bad for the world,
no grilling about Black Flag
or Peace Train

just as a hold up…
like peach jelly
a gift from his eighty your old mother--
the fat man now yells,
 needs to board this plane
but they removed it
like it’s going to blow
in five minutes,
we’re safe.

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