Friday, July 10, 2015

Vernon Frazer: Two Poems

Growth Explosions

avocado rhythm burst
invasion sentries passed the encore

     to awaken in life boat tunnels
while the gloat returns to surface

fabric turns to social
games to make of cloth and play
           a charade


nickelodeon dimers cheapen
the worst of it 
          coming after the spill

declines a rubber noun
no indecent gestures rematched 

on entry
or after splayed footage 

deepens the untidy recompense


module vapors intensify
deflated claims to aching yardage

an apple intuits a deference call
from the garden central mythos
an old bet snakes up in arrears

quadruped bandana whirls 
shaking the sonic irreverence
unfurling panoramic division

     tempting the girl 
          to taste the vining
  slither of long meat

where the roar hurts
the silent say their macabre
prayers under breath

     on the worst vegetation crater

        left to center
          the scored evasion cast

before a first pittance declares its fruition

Reluctantly Resigned

persiflage notations peal
freed from symbolic intent

     notable lamentations 
     vent a coded diaphragm
     more real 

      than breathing

   a             slow
       transit           motion

past their notion to recede
        terminal vantage 

as their plated lenses sweat
eye grit from landfill rotation

no locust frenzy lost
emerges found
           to remind them again

to file turkey drip resolutions
with pendant authorities that cling
to license 
        where freedoms allow

a cummerbund sunday

         macaroons need to thread
         their faucet drip insinuations

before the prescient
    drip montage       deflection
 dispels the truant

inclined to detail sorrow

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