Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jim Leftwich: Two Poems

robber flutters in the astronomic wind

erve pulses in the road 
the egg before it 
rabble clump axis 
n an ancient 
song night 
window's zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 
fry lurks under 
South clump loop pairs the thrust up the anus 
binary phonetic units forks 
astronomic ripple crimp 
wiggle a face 
mask swiveled 
cult aligned 
wriggle combs the 
door gun am crumple 
rhythm appear clatter minutes in 
your mask neither pork 
scribble monia below 
your lint 
cramp waggle 
rider l sp 
read intes tines errs 
rubber mathematical the dr's bookish 
be in companion caribou 
snaggle ools around 
the fr 
stamp cycle 
pad love gnats 
and blood clump the 
periodic telescopes snails writ in 
smoke clump aura nineteenth 
clump Cliff's ax 
snakes limp 
rib cage
jut out beneath 
the common red dribble 
rudder ered serious leaf on 
the tooth clump unsolved 
lump bed beaks 
or pock 
doubt dance 
lamp ets change 
clangs for gargle intuitive 
ampere m rushing up the 
rubble scuttle perpetual b 
soap Roke, Thund 
endlessly bubble 
basement make 
'em gaggle sump 
biological clump scrambled hollow 
snuggle phenomena stampede

... the heart is a leaf ...
-Pablo Neruda

3 voices: John M. Bennett; Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 107, 2015;
Ivan Arguelles, "anabasis xiii" 2015.
---- and Leftwich again.


stampede flutters in the pulsing wind

aromatic pulses in the road 
leaf egg before it 
earth clump axis 
lips an ancient 
falls night 
tenderness zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 
love lurks under 
dark clump 
pairs the 
thrust up the 
anus carnation phonetic units 
forks blood ripple crimp 
delight a face 
diminutive swiveled 
sweetness aligned 
lightning combs the 
tempests gun am crumple 
waters appear clatter 
minutes in 
mask neither 
pork clasped monia 
below mud lint burning
relentless waggle perpetual 
l sp 
intes tines errs 
wildness mathematical the dr's 
bookish continual in companion caribou 
silence ools around ocean 
fr nothing nests
flowers cycle 
brine love gnats 
cluster blood clump the 
bursts telescopes snails writ in 
unquiet clump aura nineteenth 
nets Cliff's ax 
cargoes limp 
labyrinth cage
stairway out beneath 
soaked common 
red dribble carved 
ered serious 
leaf on winter 
tooth clump 
unsolved fire 
bed beaks skies 
pock slip secret dance 
fish ets change 
covert for 
intuitive blaze 
m rushing up 
the rose 
perpetual b blossomed 
Roke, Thund 
bubble torch
fog make passing 
gaggle sump 
clump scrambled 
lemon phenomena 

Cutting the lemon
the knife
leaves a little cathedral:
-Pablo Neruda

4 voices: Bennett Leftwich Arguelles Neruda.

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